Historic Operator:

1984 dec was formed NITEL
(Nigeria Telecommunications Limited)
going back to the Nigerian PTT
The PTT merged with NET (Nigerian External Communications)
NITEL had a monopoly over the Nigerian Telecom market.

1992 the Nigerian Telecom market was deregulated
with the establishment of
the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)

From NITEL, the defunct company remains

With the arrial of GSM
new operators appeared in the country

New Telecom players

The largest mobile Phone Company of Nigeria is MTC Group,
a Telecom group based in South Africa

Other operators are

Bahri Airtel is an Indian Telecom group
operating in different Far East and African countries

9mobile by Etisalat
2017 Etisalat services were rebrandes as 9mobile
Etisalat is based in the UAE
and operates in different Middle East, African and Asian countries

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